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“Wadi Rum Rocks… you’ll never know unless you go…”


These days Wadi Rum ‘Valley of the Moon’ needs no introduction. In general Wadi Rum is probably best known because of its connection with the British officer T.E. Lawrence, who was based here during the Great Arab Revolt of 1917-1918, and as the setting for the film that carried his name ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.
Wadi Rum, the biggest valley in Jordan, covers hundreds of square kilometers of dramatic desert wilderness. Many mountains contain ancient rock drawings left by people millions of years ago. There are many narrow canyons and windy passages to discover, breathtaking sceneries, sand stone mountains shaped by wind and sand, and numerous sand dunes to climb. Nowadays this area is inhabited by some bedouin tribes, that formerly used to live in a nomadic way, now living in a village, but still linked with their traditions.This amazing desert affects you in a way that can’t quite be explained. So come visit, explore, and experience the desert life and the Bedouin culture; by jeep, by camel, by hiking or climbing/scrambling. A journey to Wadi Rum is a journey to another world !

Protected Area
Wadi Rum has been declared Protected Area in 1998 to preserve its beauties. Wadi Rum is a very beautiful and special place but it faces some challenging environmental problems. The growing pressure from visitors, and especially from jeeps, is damaging the fragile desert ecology. When visiting this unique protected area, please follow the rules and regulations and do all you can to respect the site and its people.