Bedouin Camps

  • Bedouin camps are situated in wonderful locations in Wadi Rum protected area. A stay at the camp will give you an unforgettable desert experience.
  • In a large traditional, long, black Bedouin tent, woven from goat hair, the traditional cooked Bedouin dinner will be served. Sit around a fire place, listen to Bedouin music. Watch the stars.
  • Toilets & shower facilities are available. As this is camping in the desert don’t expect a very modern and hot shower.
  • For sleeping there are smaller tents for the guests, with beds, pillows and blankets. Enough privacy and comfort is guaranteed.



Bedouin drink lot’s of tea. You won’t be able to avoid the Bedouin tea, served in every tent you will visit. It’s hot, very sweet and mostly flavoured with sage. Very refreshing on a hot day and be aware… you might get addicted to this Bedouin Whisky….



  • Breakfast – Continental & Arabic; Bedouin tea, Arab bread, jam, cheese, egg, spices.
  • Lunch – During the tours your guide will mostly cook you a delicious lunch on the fire.
  • Dinner – Traditional cooked Bedouin dishes with chicken or lamb, rice, vegetables & fruit. Please inform us with your booking if you are vegetarian.
  • Drinks – At the camp bottled water and Bedouin tea is provided.

 Wadi Rum Sleep under the Stars 1

Sleep under the stars

Instead of sleeping at the Bedouin camp spend the night under the stars, in a quiet, sand filled landscape with only the light of the moon. Your guide will cook a delicious Bedouin dinner right in front of your eyes. Listen to Bedouin life stories, songs and jokes. An amazing experience for life!

Bedouin Guides

All guides are experienced local Bedouin guides, born, raised and always lived in Wadi Rum desert. They can easily find their way through all corners of the area, they know every rock of the desert, navigating by the stars, cooking traditional Bedouin food, identifying good and harmful flora and fauna. Most of the guides learned to speak English from the tourists. They love to tell stories at night, around the fire, after a good diner. They can talk for hours about the Bedouin, their life and culture.