Below a selection of 4 mountains for climbing/scrambling tours. These 1-day climbing tours can be combined with any other (climbing) tour and/or booked with an overnight stay at a Bedouin camp or ‘sleep under the stars’.

Jebel Um ad Dami Wadi RumJebel Um ad Dami
This mountain (Jebel) is the highest mountain in Jordan; 1832 meter above sea level; Wadi Rum Village is 1000 meter above sea level. This tour takes you close to the Saudi border in the south and offers spectacular views back to the north towards Wadi Rum. This climb takes about 4 hours (up and down) and is mostly straight forward, however on occasion need to use your hands. Details and program Um ad Dami.

Burdah Arch - Wadi RumJebel Burdah
One of the most popular hikes, the climb of Jebel Burdah takes just 3-4hrs. The route is mostly easy, with only a few sections requiring a bit of scrambling and use of your hands. Near the top, you are rewarded with close-up views of Burdah Rock Bridge, Wadi Rum’s largest natural arch, which you may then walk across. The views of Wadi Rum from the top of Jebel Burdah are breathtaking, and make the hike well worthwhile. Details and program Jebel Burdah.

Jebel Khash - Wadi RumJebel Al Hash
This is probably the most beautiful mountain in Wadi Rum to scramble on, because as you arrive at the highest point, 1700 meter above sea level, you will see all of the different colours that exist in Wadi Rum. The Jebel Al Hash is located in the Al Forah area, close to the Saudi Arabian border. This is a very easy climb for anyone who is inexperienced or who would like a simple hike. The total climb takes about 5 hours. Details and program Jebel Al Hash.

Jebel Rum - Wadi Rum (2)Jebel Rum
Climbing Jebel Rum, 1734 meter above sea level, requires a lot more experience than the other climbing tours. The tradition Bedouin road that will be taken to the top of Jebel Rum, is rated on grade III difficulty. Some special equipment for safety will be taken along. Once again, this climb is for experts. Details and program Jebel Rum.