Most beautiful sites and and most interesting places in Wadi Rum

(in alfabetic order)

Anfeshiyeh Inscriptions
Not far from the red Sand Dune area this mountain has depictions of a camel caravan from the Nabatean and Thaumadic period.

Burrah Canyon
Long, deep canyon between dramatic mountains. Lots of sand in place. Very beautiful in early morning or late evening, when the sun turns the rock deep orange.

Burdah arch / Rock bridge
This spectacular arch is located on the top of jebel Burdah (Burdah mountain) in the southern area of Wadi Rum. The world class arch has an estimated height of 35 meters.

Chicken Rock
A funny shaped sandstone formation. The ‘chicken’ is an interesting rock with two legs.

Head of T.E. Lawrence:
Rock carving in Burrah Canyon.

Jebel Al Hash
Probably the most beautiful mountain in Wadi Rum, 1700 meter above sea level, located close to the Saudi Arabian border.

Jebel Al Qatar
Jebel Qatar is a mountain, lying almost exactly half way between Rum Village and the Saudi border, 1378 meter high.

Jebel Burdah
The views of Wadi Rum from the top of Jebel Burdah are breathtaking.

Jebel Rum
Close to Rum Village, Jebel Rum, 1734 meter above sea level.

Jebel Um ad Dami
Jebel Um ad Dami is the highest mountain in Jordan, 1854 meters. It is located near to the border with Saudi Arabia.

Khazali Canyon
This narrow canyon contains numerous Nabataean rock carvings of people and animals, some dating back as far as 350 BC.

Lawrence’s house
Nobody is certain that this was Lawrence’s house, although there are stories that he both stayed and/or stored weapons here.

Lawrence’s Spring
The spring is at the top after  a short scramble. Named after the famous film shot here in the early 1960s, this natural spring has been used since Nabatean times as a stopping point on the caravan routes from Arabia to the Levant. The views across the desert are spectacular.

Little Bridge
The smallest natural arch in Wadi Rum, this rock brige has beautiful panoramic views.

Mushroom Rock
A funny shaped sandstone formation, the base of this rock has been worn away by time and the elements.

Nabatean Temple
Near the Resthouse in Rum village, this extensive ancient Thamudic temple which was renovated 2.000 years ago by the Nabateans.

Qatar Spring
One of the most beautiful spots in the north section of Wadi Rum, this sandy canyon in the side of Jebel Umm Ishrin.

Red Sand Dunes
Large area of sand dunes piled up against the mountains. They are over 50 meters high, and a lot of people like climbing them. Many even get to the top, from which there is a great view!

Seven Pilars of Wisdom
Although most people can only count five, this is an impressive rock formation near the Visitor’s center. It is named after T.E. Lawrence’s book – not the other way around!

Siq Um Tawaqi
Short canyon containing a carving of the head of T. E. Lawrence.

Sunset Sites
Winter and summer sites, where you get the most dramatic views of Wadi Rum as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Umm Frouth Rock Bridge
This is the most visited arch, a rugged overhang of bright white rock. Visitors can climb to the top, which takes just a few minutes.