Below some practical information that might answer some of your questions. If not, please contact us.

What to bring
Sleeping bag (in case you prefer your own, as blankets are available), flexible shoes for scrambling, headlamp/torch, sun cream, sun glasses, camera (incl. batteries!), small bag for your personal belongings.

What to wear
Wear comfortable cloths. Dress modestly when visiting Wadi Rum! The culture of the Bedouin is very different to the Western culture. Barely dressed will be considered as disrespectful.

DSC03665Entrance fee
To enter the Wadi Rum Protected Area, a ticket must be bought at the Visitor Center. Adult tickets cost 5 JD p.p., children under 12 enter for free. Visitors entering in 4WD rental car will be asked to pay an additional 25JD (non-4WD vehicles enter for free).

Payment at the end of the tours in JD (Jordanian Dinars). Euro or US dollars are accepted as well. Please note that there are no banks or ATM’s in Wadi Rum and that we cannot accept credit cards. In Aqaba and Wadi Musa (Petra) are several ATM’s. Check the JD currency.

Always remember to ask permission before taking photographs of the local Bedouin people. If you want to take a photo along the tour or you would like to stay a bit longer at a certain spot, just inform your guide.

Most of the tours are suitable for children, if not it will be mentioned. Many children of all ages have been visiting Wadi Rum and had a wonderful time in the desert.

Solo tavellers
Please note that if you travel alone the tours will be much more expensive. If this is a problem contact us for possibilies to join another group.

Keep the desert clean
Please don’t throw plastic bottles or anything else away in the desert. The guides can provide plastic bags to collect rubbish which will be taken back to Rum village.

Toilets in the desert
There are no toilets in the desert, however there are plenty of rocks to go behind. Please make sure all waste is burried. Toilet paper should be burnt or put into a plastic bag. Always take a small plastic bag with you for rubbish. There will usually be a bigger rubbish bag in the jeep.

The weather in Jordan is perfect for traveling the year round. Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit Wadi Rum. Summers can be very hot, with nice long evenings. Winters are mild, however, nights can be very cold. Bring something warm to wear at night. Wadi Rum Climate.