Please take a look at the selection of tours we have to offer and note that most of the day tours can be added to any other tour. If you have heard about an interesting site and this site/location is not taken up in the program of the tour, just let us know and we can slightly change the program according to your wish.
What about the special tours: Wadi Rum Rocks... or Let’s face Wadi Rum? These unique 1 day jeep tours are tailored for WadiRumRocks only !
If you want to take a photo along the tour or you would like to stay a bit longer at a certain spot, just inform your guide.

All our tours start from the Resthouse, Rum village. After a tea and an explanation of the Wadi Rum map we head into the desert.

Jeep Tour Wadi Rum 1

JEEP Tours
Jeep tours are the quickest and most popular way to see the most famous spots and sites in Wadi Rum. In a short time you will see a large area of the desert. The jeep tours vary from half day tour to a full day jeep tour. More days are available on request, or can be combined with camel/hike/scramble tours. Hopefully you have enough time to stay for the night in a Bedouin camp to enjoy a delicous dinner and the night around the fire, listening for the song and the stories of your bedouin guide.


Camel tours are the most stunning way to see the desert. The camels go slowly, and after a while you will feel like a real Bedouin riding the ‘ship of the desert’. You ride in open valleys surrounded by spectacular sandstone mountains. These trips have the advantage of fitting most of people, both family and sports-oriented. No special skills or experience is required.

Hiking Wadi Rum 1

Hiking in the desert is the most attractive activity in Wadi Rum desert, nothing will make you close to the nature like walk on your feet, you will observe everything and feel it also, this is the real Bedouin way. You will forget your modern and stressful lifestyle and live like nomads in the desert, walking through canyons surrounded by spectacular sandstone mountains. The hikes go through some of the best-kept secrets and least-visited sites, far from crowds, only the silence of the desert.


Enjoy the desert by scrambling on the bedouin roads of Wadi Rum, which were used for hunting Ibex in the mountains. Amazing views above the desert and the Saoudian border from those roads and summits. If you are lucky you may see an Ibex. While hiking sometimes you have to use your hands to go up. The hiking tours are suitable for anybody who is a bit sportive and has already walked on mountains.

If you are looking for more than just one day in Wadi Rum below a few standard possibilities to add to any of the tours.

Camel Tour Wadi Rum 3
Short camel ride
After a night in the desert, the next morning you can ride back by camel to Rum village. This short camel ride can be arranged at the beginning or end of most tours as well.


 Wadi Rum Sleep under the Stars 1
Sleep under the stars
An extra night in the desert ‘under the stars’ can always be arranged at the beginning or at the end of your tour.